Your Bridesmaid Gift Questions Answered for 2019

Posted on October 09 2019

Your Bridesmaid Gift Questions Answered for 2019


Celebrating the women who have been by your side is one of the greatest joys of being the bride. This is a unique once in a lifetime opportunity for you to let them know how loved they are and how much they mean to you. Your beautiful wedding starts way before the big day, so here are all of your bridesmaid gift questions answered to help you plan, prep, and make beautiful memories with your girls.


When to buy bridesmaid gifts?

While there is no specific timeline for buying your maids their gifts, it's better to get them sooner rather than later. If you are planning a bridesmaid proposal, start looking at least a few weeks before hand as it takes time to custom make proposal boxes and the goodies that come with them. If you are planning to give gifts at your rehearsal dinner or wedding day, aim for no later than one to two months before hand. You will have enough on your plate finalizing all of your wedding details outside of your bridal party.

When to give bridesmaid gifts?

You can present gifts to your bridal party at your rehearsal dinner or the day of your wedding while getting ready. You can also have a special brunch for your girls a few days or weeks before your wedding and give them their gifts then.

What are the best bridesmaid gifts?

The best bridesmaid gifts are thoughtful gifts from the heart. A beautiful handwritten note in a journal, a special brunch just for them, or a gift they can use over and over again like a pair of earnings, custom tote bag with their name on it, a cute coffee mug, or tumbler they can take on the go.

How much to spend on bridesmaid gifts?

When deciding how much to spend on bridesmaid gifts, consider your wedding budget first. Depending your all of your wedding expenses, you may be paying for your bridal shower, bachelorette party, plane tickets etc. Spend enough to say thank you for standing by my side, and all of time and money you've put into your wedding. A good rule of thumb could be somewhere between $75.00 to $150.00.
Your maid of honor may get a more lavish gift as she is the go to person for all of your pre-wedding events. Consider a little extra for her. And don't forget the little ones, your flower girls too!

Where to buy bridesmaid gifts?

You can buy adorable bridesmaid gifts from Lucky Maiden, We specialize in creating beautiful memories with your bridal party and customize our gifts specifically for your girls

How do you thank your bridesmaids?

You can write your bridesmaid a beautiful handwritten note with a special gift have a special brunch just for them. A great idea would be to treat them to a spa day or gift them with pamper products. What girl doesn't love bath bombs, lotions, and candles?

What are the best bridesmaid gifts for the wedding day?

Surprise them with matching robes and slippers for getting ready or book them their room at your venue. You bridal party will also love thoughtful note. Place it inside a personalized makeup bag a beautiful journal.

What are the best bridesmaid gifts for a destination wedding?

Tropical themed robes and tote bags are the perfect choice. The robe makes a adorable pictures for your getting ready and will perfectly match your tropical themed wedding, and the tote bag will be used over and over again on the island at the beach, poolside, and for caring all the wedding day accessories too!

What is the best bridesmaid gift to bride?

Custom wedding hanger for her wedding gown, a picture of the two of you in a cute picture frame, a personalized wedding ring box, wedding vow art print, a custom mug with her new name on it, or the bridesmaid could go in together on a large item from the wedding registry.

Best "Will you be My Bridesmaid" gift ideas?

Custom gifts with their names or titles are great gifts for bridesmaids. You can also give them a beautiful bridesmaid proposal box with a sweet message inside asking them to stand by your side. Each box can be filled with special gifts like getting ready robes that they can use over and over again or filled with much loved pamper products like candles, face masks, nail polish, or bath bombs.

What to put in bridesmaid gift bags?

Lotion, body spray, lip gloss, candles, compact mirrors with their names on them, flip flops, soaps, a small mani-pedi set, their jewelry for the wedding, a satin sleeping mask, or journal and note.

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