Cheyenne Buyert Bride to Be

Posted on July 04 2019

Cheyenne Buyert Bride to Be

Bride to Be

Wow- I could seriously write forever about him. I’m so excited to marry him! Titus and I met in high school, near the end of his senior year (I’m a year younger). It was actually an accident when I said yes to a date with him- I was late for class, not really interested, and not thinking about what I was saying. However, for some reason, I decided to give him a chance. I didn’t date a lot during high school, but it was the best first date I had ever had. Everything was just so unexpected! Just a few weeks into talking to him, I knew that he was different.

There wasn’t any pressure in talking to him, and he treated me with so much more respect than any other guy I had ever been in a relationship with. We only went on 3 dates before he left to go work for the summer in Alaska, and long distance was not easy, but I was already falling for him quickly.

bride to be

We dated for 4 years, and definitely had some big ups and downs. He came and supported me as I competed at Miss America even though we weren’t together at the time, and through it all, it became obvious that I would never meet someone who knew me the way he does. He’s my best friend! He is kind, patient, funny, and full of love and a desire to serve others. When he proposed to me on a trip to Jackson Hole, WY, it definitely was not a surprise- but it still seems surreal that we actually get to take this next step together!

The proposal was everything I had ever dreamed of and more, and we had an amazing photographer, Courtney Garrett, (@courtneygarrettphoto on instagram) there to capture it all. He custom designed the ring, and even a month later, I’m still constantly staring at it. We have an adorable 1 year old puppy together, and we’re just so excited for the next chapter! 

bride to be

For those who just got engaged, I encourage them not to rush things. Everyone gets married and plans a wedding at a different rate, but I think it’s important to realize that engagement is a season too! You’ll never be dating again, and after you get married, you’ll never be engaged again! Enjoy the process; even when it’s stressful. 

When I got engaged, I was shocked at the amount of pressure that I felt almost immediately to have my entire wedding planned and paid for and have certain vendors hired. It’s okay to take your time! This is about you and your fiancé, no one else. Sometimes those who are closest to us have the best intentions, but express them in the wrong way- so remove the pressure from engagement! After you get engaged, spend at least a couple of days just enjoying it with your fiancé- it’s a really special time, and the planning will still be there in a few days!

bride to be

I’m a big believer in planners! I carry mine with me everywhere I go, and it’s so helpful for me to physically write down my goals and schedule in order to keep track. I’ve also been using The Knot App on my phone during the wedding planning process. It gives me a list of tasks to accomplish each month leading up to my wedding- and it’s a life saver to have that timeline, because so many details go into it! You can budget, set your guest list, research vendors & venues, build your wedding website, and more on it!

My fiancé and I also use the EveryDollar Budgeting App to help us save for the big day - laying out all of our expenses and transactions helps us to hold each other accountable and be transparent with one another. Not only are we saving money and setting goals, but we are building trust in our relationship during this new season of life!

I actually work for a wedding venue in the Black Hills, and my boss is getting married in about a month! I’ve been able to go along to a lot of wedding planning meetings with her, and that has taught me a lot! Something I think is incredibly helpful is hiring a Day-of-Coordinator, especially if you don’t have an official wedding planner throughout the entire process. They’re usually very affordable and help to ensure that everything runs smoothly- definitely something I will be investing in! 

The best piece of advice we have been given is that the first one to apologize is the one who is right! That says a lot about having grace and patience with your partner- there’s no time to waste on fighting. Another big piece of advice we’ve gotten numerous times is to continue serving and pursuing each other. It’s easy to fall into routines centered around work and life’s other activities, and we don’t want our relationship to be sacrificed during those seasons. We’re both very multi-passionate people, and while we encourage each other in that, we make time to set aside a date night each week, as well as finding ways we can serve our community together. It doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive, but there needs to be something outside of your relationship that connects you.

Also, I think it’s very important to marry your best friend! Camaraderie is not a bad thing in relationships- you’re always going to be two ever-evolving individuals, and once you vow to spend your lives together, you have to have grace and develop a deep friendship with that person that’s going to last. 

bride to be

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