Audrey Stowe Bride to Be

Posted on July 08 2019

Audrey Stowe Bride to Be

Bride to Be

We met my freshman, his sophomore year of college! We had mutual friends and I was with sorority sisters in Gulf Shores, Alabama for Spring Break and they were dating his fraternity brothers and he came along with them for the trip. We met the first night we were there and I was obsessed with him that whole week. When we got back to school we hit it off and started hanging out all the time until 3 months later we started dating. 
We're getting married December 6, 2019 in Austin, TX!
bride to be

My advice for someone who just got married is to 
soak it in and don't be rushed!! We have a pretty long engagement and it's been so nice. I was in no rush to set a date, start planning, or anything. It was nice to soak up time and enjoy celebrating being engaged. 
I use a few wedding apps, and my planner. The apps keep me on a timeline which is nice and help explain things too! I use The Knot and Wedding Wire.
I had my mind set on a certain style and then ended up buying a dress that was complete opposite. I would keep your mind opened, even if you love one, still go look at other styles and other places!!
bride to be

One thing I would do differently is research more vendors. I kind of jumped on the people I had been following on IG for years and didn't really see if there were other options, better pricing, etc.

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